​GDM International is a small and very active consulting firm in the oil and gas industry since 2008. It focuses on serving as an advisor to the oil and gas industry in South America and other Latin American countries. 

Mr. Marcelo Guiscardo the president has 35 years of industry experience. He started in at ExxonMobil, then he joined YPF SA, an international integrated energy company where he was VP E&P, VP Business Development and member of the BOD until the company was sold to Repsol. President of Pioneer Natural Resources Argentina until the company was sold to Apache.  He was also President San Antonio Oilfield Services and founder of Vantage Drilling Company, an offshore drilling company.  In Argentina he founded QME, an oilfield equipment fabrication company that builds a wide range of oilfield products including: Fracking and Cementing sets, Acidizing and Cryogenic units, and Drilling equipment all of which meet international specifications.

Mr. Guiscardo's career initiated with ExxonMobil after graduating from Rutgers University with a BS degree in Civil Engineering. He worked in a variety of positions over fourteen years accumulating experience. His last assignment included exploration and production responsibilities in the Middle East.

This broad and varied career allowed him to accumulate extensive experience in management roles, compensation structures and financial matters.

He now is President of Energy Cluster in Mar Del Plata and was a founding member. This group of twentynine different companies promote the development of hydrocarbon facilites in the area.

Mr. Guiscardo also has the significant advantage of being a dual citizen of Argentina and the USA. 

John Margo, a minor partner resides in the USA, he has been a confidant  of Marcelo for over thirty years, and provides valuable guidance and support. His background includes thirty  years with ExxonMobil predominantly in Latin America. Consulting in Latin America and the USA following retirement.  John helped YPF convert from a State run company into a public company that quotes on the US Stock Exchange.  In addition, he was involved in several refinery design projects for both YPF and the Argentine government.



A unique consulting firm offering distinctive services to the oil and gas industry

QME a Argentine oilfield equipment fabricator that supplies the local market and exports to major oilfield service companies worldwide

​Organizing member of ENERGY CLUSTER group in Mar Del Plata

English/Spanish Services 

​Experience in areas such as  strategic development, cost estimating of major projects compensation structures, management organization and negotiations with partners and governments.

Offices in Argentina and the USA

Passive minor partner John Margo